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Salmon Fishery Enhancement Plans

Salmon fishery enhancement efforts in Alaska are guided by Comprehensive Salmon Plans, which are prepared by each region’s Regional Planning Teams. These plans document enhancement efforts, set production goals, and identify potential for new projects, and are required by law (AS 16.10.375).

  • The Yakutat Regional Planning Team (RPT) is currently drafting the Yakutat Comprehensive Salmon Plan Phase II. It is available for public review and comment until the next Yakutat RPT meeting, to be held on August 14, 2014, in Yakutat. For additional information please contact Flip Pryor ( The main topic of the meeting will be the public review of the DRAFT Yakutat Comprehensive Salmon Plan, Phase II.

Comprehensive Salmon Plans

  1. Southeast Alaska Comprehensive Salmon Plan, Phase III (PDF 2,354 kB)
  2. Yakutat Comprehensive Salmon Plan (PDF 5,294 kB)
  3. Prince William Sound/Copper River Regional Comprehensive Salmon Plan, Phase III(PDF 10,133 kB)
  4. Cook Inlet Salmon Enhancement Plan, Phase II, 2006-2025 (PDF 9,282 kB)
  5. Kodiak Regional Comprehensive Salmon Plan Phase III, 2010-2030 (PDF 3,913 kB)
  6. Chignik Regional Comprehensive Salmon Plan, 1992-2001 (PDF 6,246 kB)
  7. Alaska Peninsula/Aleutian Islands/Area M Comprehensive Salmon Plan, 1993-2004 (PDF 8,774 kB)
  8. Bristol Bay Comprehensive Salmon Plan (PDF 6,942 kB)
  9. Yukon River Comprehensive Salmon Plan for Alaska (PDF)
  10. Norton Sound/Bering Strait Regional Comprehensive Salmon Plan, 1996-2010 (Large PDF 12,144 kB)
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