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Dall Sheep (Ovis dalli dalli)

Biologists are studying Southcentral Alaska’s Dall sheep, and in recent years equipped at least 50 lambs and ewes with VHF radio collars, allowing biologists to identify and track individual animals. Samples were taken from the sheep for a variety of tests. Pregnancy, disease and survival rates are the focus.

In 2009 biologists captured 37 adult ewes in the Chugach Mountains north of Anchorage, between Tazlina Lake and the Matanuska Glacier. Blood was taken for a variety of tests, including viral diseases; nasal and throat swabs were taken to look for bacteria associated with respiratory diseases, and fecal samples were taken to look for parasites.

To learn more, see: Dall Sheep Research in Southcentral Alaska

Presentations and Videos

  • Chugach Range Research Presentation
    Dall's sheep research in the Chugach Range, GMUs 13D and 14C (PDF 5,311 kB)
  • Lamb Capture Video
    A 5:35 video of three wildlife biologists capturing a Dall’s sheep lamb for research. The lamb is equipped with a VHS collar, weighed, and released unharmed.
  • Sheep Capture Video
    A 2:35 video of wildlife biologist Tom Lohuis using a net gun from a helicopter to capture Dall's sheep for research.

Management & Research Reports

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