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Project WILD and Alaska Wildlife Curriculum Workshops

Teacher workshop The Alaska Department of Fish and Game offers a wide variety of tailored workshops and learning opportunities on Alaska’s wildlife conservation. The workshops are fun, hands-on, interactive and poignant to the needs of the group whether they are classroom teachers, environmental educators, para-professionals, parents, or community members. Opportunities are held across the state at various times and locations. Find a workshop near you on our training and workshop calendar or sign up for our list-serv to have information delivered to your e-mail. View our current workshop offerings around the State

Workshops for Educators and Teachers

Each participant receives curriculum (Project WILD, Project Aquatic, Science and Civics, Growing Up WILD or Alaska Wildlife Curriculum) and a host of workshop materials and additional resources provided by ADF&G. Workshops are taught by ADF&G staff or their trained facilitators. Workshops are a fun and engaging way to increase science and wildlife education skills. Some workshops are available for graduate credit through the Alaska University system or Puget Sound University. There may be a materials fee as well as a fee for the graduate credit. Workshops can vary in length from 2 -15 hours depending on which curriculum is used and if it is a credit class.

Read what teachers have to say about our workshops

“The workshop instructors did an amazing job. I am leaving this workshop excited to teach more lessons from the “Growing Up WILD” Curriculum. I learned an assortment of fascinating facts and I can’t wait to share the information with my students….Fabulous workshops! Thank you!” Amber Stout, Susitna Elementary Teacher. 2010

“This workshop was a great combination of hands-on activities, internet resources, and small group work. The afternoon stroll through the zoo was a real treat. The presenters were knowledgeable and enthusiastic and their passion for their subject was inspirational! Thank you! “ Star Laughton, Government Hill Elementary Teacher.2010

In Depth Content Workshops

ADF&G offers courses designed to give teachers more depth in background information and knowledge. These workshops are targeted at specific grade levels and curriculum frameworks. While workshops include Project WILD, Alaska Wildlife Curriculum, the focus is on providing background content information for teacher readiness. These courses are available to classroom teachers, para-professionals and other educators.

Great for Schools, Communities & Groups

Workshops vary in length according to need. Whether at an in-service or a ‘for credit’ workshop each session is tailored to meet educator’s needs. Community members are strongly encouraged to participate and present local knowledge relating to wildlife. Workshops are available across Alaska in various locations.

Project WILD Workshops for Scout Leaders

North Carolina has created correlation guides for scout leaders who have completed a Project WILD workshop. These guides provide activity ideas for scout leaders to use in helping scouts achieve their recognitions. Scout leaders completing the Project WILD workshop receive:

  • A Correlation to Girl Scout Recognitions
  • A Correlation to Cub Scout and Boy Scout Requirements
  • Project WILD Activity Guide
  • Project WILD Aquatic Activity Guide

Workshops are focused on scouting situations with adaptations for varying group sizes and environments.

Volunteer Facilitator Training

ADF&G offers training to people interested in becoming facilitators of the Project WILD and Alaska Wildlife Curriculum. With this training, volunteers can deliver teacher workshops with the support of ADF&G for materials, curriculum and logistics.


Workshop fees vary according to the type and length of training being offered. The University system also charges a tuition fee for graduate credit.


For more information or to request a workshop contact:
Project WILD and Youth Education Coordinator
Brenda Duty ( 907-267-2216