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Lower Kenai Controlled Use Area

Units: 15C

Area Description: The Lower Kenai Controlled Use Area: the area consists of Unit 15(C)

Restrictions: A. The area is closed to the use of any motorized vehicle except an aircraft or boat for moose hunting, including the transportation of moose hunters, their hunting gear, or parts of moose from September 11 through September 14 and September 17 through September 20; however, this provision does not apply to the use of a motorized vehicle on a highway maintained by the state or borough or on the gravel portions of Oilwell, Brody, and Tustumena Lake Roads or a driveway used for direct access to a primary residence or business

B. During the periods specified in (ii) of this subparagraph, a hunter who travels by motorized vehicle on the Unit 15(C) highway system and then leaves and travels off that highway system in that motorized vehicle may not hunt moose, including transporting moose hunters, their hunting gear, or parts of moose, or in any other manner initiate or participate in moose hunting activities, until after the hunter returns the motorized vehicle to the Unit 15(C) highway system; upon returning the motorized vehicle to that highway system, the hunter may initiate or participate in legal moose hunting activities so long as the hunter leaves the motorized vehicle on the Unit 15(C) highway system;

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