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Alaska Peninsula location map

Alaska Peninsula Management Area Contacts

Alaska Peninsula Shellfish and Groundfish

Kodiak Office
351 Research Court
Kodiak, AK 99615
Phone (907) 486-1840
FAX (907) 486-1824

Alaska Peninsula Salmon and Herring

Sand Point Office
PO Box 129
Sand Point, AK 99571-0163
Phone (907) 383-2066
Fax (907) 383-2606

Port Moller Office
PO Box 163
Port Moller, AK 99571-0163
Phone (907) 375-2716
Fax (907) 375-2715

Cold Bay Office
P.O. Box 50
Cold Bay, AK 99571-0050
Phone (907) 532-2419
FAX (907) 532-2470

Groundfish & Shellfish

Area Management Biologist

Mark Stichert
Phone: (907) 486-1845

Assistant Area Management Biologist

Trent Hartill
Phone: (907) 486-1853

Salmon & Herring

Area Management Biologist

Matthew Keyse
Phone: (907) 486-1807

Area Management Biologist

Robert Murphy
Phone: (907) 486-1856

Assistant Area Management Biologist

Dawn Wilburn
Phone: (907) 486-1802

Assistant Area Management Biologist


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