Online Bear Baiting Clinic
Area-specific Information

This online clinic covered the majority of material meant to apply to all bear baiters. On this page, we list information that is specific to certain areas. This material is to be used in addition to the information found in the Alaska Hunting Regulations manual. When in doubt, check with the local offices of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game or the Alaska Wildlife Troopers about what restrictions apply in your area.

Trans-Alaska Pipeline

Any hunter baiting bears along the Trans-Alaska Pipeline must contact Alyeska Pipeline Service Company at 907-450-5707 and get a recreational access permit to use the pipeline right-of-way.

Chena Hot Springs Road and Chena State Recreation Area

Any hunter baiting bears along Chena Hot Springs Road or in the Chena State Recreation Area needs to first contact the Alaska Department of Natural Resources, Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation at (907) 451-2705 to make sure your proposed bear baiting activities will be conducted at least one mile away from any recreation areas and for additional hunting, shooting, and off-road vehicle use restrictions

Military Bases

If you are bear baiting on military land in Alaskas Interior, you must register your bait station with both ADF&G and at the Natural Resource Office at the following military bases.

  • Fort Wainwright: (907) 361-9686
  • Eielson Air Force Base: (907) 377-5182
  • Fort Greely: (907) 873-4664


A person may not bear bait in Unit 6D Prince William Sound, Blackstone Bay and Harriman Fiord are closed to baiting, or in Unit 7, Resurrection Creek and tributaries and within one-quarter mile of the shoreline of the Kenai River, or in Unit 14A and 14B within one-quarter mile of the shorelines of the Susitna River and Little Susitna River south of the Parks Highway bridge or in Unit 15, within one-quarter mile of the shoreline of the Kenai River (including Kenai Lake), Kasilof River and Swanson River, or in Unit 13E and 16A, Denali State Park are closed to baiting.

Check the current year's regulations for areas open for bear baiting. Certain GMUs in require just the bear baiting clinic certification and bear baiting permit, while many require a bear baiting permit and, for bowhunters, an IBEP (International Bowhunter Education Program) card.

Kenai Peninsula

In GMU 7 and 15, the use of fish or fish parts as bait for bear baiting is prohibited. Kenai Peninsula bear bait hunters are encouraged to call any or all of the following offices (depending on where you plan to hunt) for additional information.

  • Kenai Peninsula Borough: (907) 262-4441 (land ownership information)
  • Kenai National Wildlife Refuge: (907) 262-7021 (many hunting, firearms, land use and bear bait regulations)
  • Seward Ranger District: (907) 224-3374 (land use and access regulations)
  • Kenai Fjords National Park: (907) 224-7500 (park boundary information if baiting around Seward)
  • Alaska Department of Natural Resources (ADNR): (907) 260-4200
  • ADNR, Division of Parks and Outdoor Recreation: (907) 262-5581 (additional land use and firearms regulations)

Southeast, Unit 1D

A person may not bear bait in the following portions of Unit 1D:

  • On the Chilkat Peninsula south of the Haines Highway
  • Within one mile of the Haines Highway
  • Within one mile of Lutak Road
  • Within one mile of the Porcupine Mine Road to the confluence of the Porcupine and Klehini Rivers
  • Within one mile of Chilkat Lake Road from the Porcupine Bridge to Chilkat Landing on the Tsirku River