Alaska Governor's Mariculture Task Force


"To provide recommendations to develop a viable and sustainable mariculture industry producing shellfish and aquatic plants for the long term benefit of Alaska's economy, environmental, and communities".

Pacific oysters ready for Alaskan market.

With encouragement from AFDF and the industry, Governor Walker created an Alaska Mariculture Task Force (AMTF). An Administrative Order #280 external site link was signed on February 29, 2016. The AMTF has been directed to create a comprehensive plan to boost the mariculture industry, which includes aquatic farming and enhancement of wild fisheries in Alaska. The recommendations developed by the AMTF will include details on public and private investments, regulatory issues, research and development needs, environmental changes, public education, and workforce development. Eleven AMTF members will be appointed by the Governor to develop the comprehensive recommendations. Advisory committees will also be established to assist the AMTF members with their mission. The AMTF meetings will be open to the public.

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