Alaska's Wild Salmon

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Alaska's Wild Salmon (Story Map)

Alaska's Wild Salmon (PDF 7,224 kB)

Alaska's Wild Salmon is a useful reference for anyone interested in or seeking information on the many aspects of Alaska's abundant and sustainable wild salmon resources. The publication illustrates the importance of salmon to Alaska's culture, economy, and ecosystems. Alaska's Wild Salmon features biological details including: salmon evolution, lifecycles, species descriptions, the salmon food web, and salmon habitats and ecosystems. The categories of salmon harvesters are presented, giving historical perspectives and current information, in addition to illustrating harvest methods and gear types. It highlights Alaska's laws, policies, and programs designed to protect and restore salmon and salmon habitats. The booklet was updated in 2019 to allow for online viewing and distribution. Due to funding constraints, a limited number of the new booklets were printed and these were distributed primarily to Alaska schools with a salmon curriculum.