Alaska Fishery Research Bulletin

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After a run of 13 years, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Division of Commercial Fisheries is ceasing publication of the Alaska Fishery Research Bulletin. This is the final issue (Winter 2007 issue). In 1994, the AFRB evolved from the Fishery Research Bulletin monograph series into the current peer-reviewed journal, publishing articles, issues and perspectives, notes and letters on fisheries research by state, federal and university scientists. Regretfully, current budget and staffing issues make it impossible to continue publishing the AFRB. All issues of the AFRB will continue to be available online.

Doug Eggers,

The Alaska Fishery Research Bulletin (AFRB) has been published by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game since 1961, initially as the Informational Leaflet and then as the Fishery Research Bulletin. In 1994 it was changed from presenting monographs to its current journal format: articles, issues & perspectives, notes, and letters. The AFRB first became available on the Internet in 1995.

The AFRB has been published twice a year (summer and winter) and provided to major abstracting and indexing services. Although this journal was published by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, the papers published were not selected to represent a particular state position on an issue. The papers were judged solely on their scientific merit. Any views expressed or conclusions rendered are those of the author(s).

If you have questions concerning AFRB please contact Alaska Resources Library & Information Services (ARLIS).

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