Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
September 2012

Trapping Photos Needed

By Staff
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A marten peers down from a tree. Marten are the most sought-after furbearer in Alaska. Photo courtesy Stan Zuray.

The Division of Wildlife Conservation is looking for photographs showing all aspects of trapping and fur handling. We’d like pictures of animals, people setting traps, checking traps, processing animals, fleshing and stretching fur - any images that reflect the experience of trapping.

Each spring the Division of Wildlife Conservation surveys trappers about their catch, furbearer populations, trapping conditions, and their experiences during the previous season. The results of that survey are summarized in the “Annual Trapper Questionnaire Report.”

“Aside from fur sealing records, this is the only statewide information the Division regularly collects about trapping and furbearers,” said Trapper Questionnaire Coordinator Tom Schumacher. “In addition to providing important information for managers, we also try to make this report informative and enjoyable for trappers. One way we do that is to include photographs of trappers, but we have few new photos for future reports and are asking for help from trappers.”

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Alaska trapper Stan Zuray making a marten set. Zuray is one of the few trappers still using a dog team on his trapline.

“If a trapper/photographers is willing to let the department use photos for other purposes, we would add them to our ADF&G image library,” he added. “Please let us know if it’s okay.”

Please e-mail the JPEG as an attachment. Don’t reduce the size, we can accommodate an e-mail up to about 20 MB. We’d appreciate any information you can provide for a caption – where the photo was taken, what’s happening, who is in it, your name (so we can credit you) and a note that says it’s okay to use.

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