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August 2023

Mountain Goats: Billy or Nanny
Southeast Alaska Hunters Need to Know

By Staff
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A mountain goat in upper Lynn Canal. Photo by Kevin White.

The 2023 mountain goat season began Aug. 1 with a new regulation for Southeast Alaska goat hunters. Hunters are now required to take an online mountain goat identification quiz before hunting goats in Southeast Alaska whether hunting with a registration or draw permit. The quiz tests a hunter’s ability to identify male vs. female goats.

The goal of the new requirement is to encourage hunters to select male goats for harvest. Selectively harvesting males is important for sustainably managing goat populations. Mountain goats have low reproductive rates and often do not reproduce every year. Reducing female harvest helps maintain the reproductive potential of the population. Females without kids are still eligible for harvest in most areas of Southeast Alaska, however, reducing female harvest will provide more harvest opportunity in the future.


Once a hunter passes the quiz, their information will automatically be placed on a list of those who have passed.

Mountain goat identification

PDF of the quiz

More information is available regarding specific goat hunts by contacting area offices:

Douglas Office: 907-465-4265

Sitka Office: 907-747-5449

Petersburg Office: 907-772-3801

Ketchikan Office: 907-225-2475

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