Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
November 2010

Mountain Goats: Mysteries and Management

By Riley Woodford

Mountain goats have a great appeal for hunters and wildlife watchers, but for biologists, they also represent a living link to the ice age.

State wildlife biologists and their collaborators are discovering valuable insights into how mountain goats use their habitat in summer and winter, their kidding and nursery areas, and how different populations are related. The research is also raising questions about where goats found refuge during the glacial maximum and how they dispersed when the ...   Mountain Goats ArticleContinued

The Tarpon of the North
Kobuk River Sheefish

By James Savereide

When I finally “grew up” and decided on a career I figured a fisheries biologist was a great way to go because I love the outdoors and I love to fish. I chose to work with the Sport Fish Division of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game because sport fishing was my background. Well it's not all fun and games and I'll admit I'm not fond of budgets and meetings, but when I got the chance to work with a fish nicknamed “the tarpon of the north”, because of its large size, fighting ability, and aerial ...   Sheefish ArticleContinued