Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
February 2010

Is Wildlife Tracking a Lost Art?

By Mike Taras

Adrian stepped beside me and quickly raised his hand to freeze me in place. I knew he had detected something so I began looking around to see what he was seeing. Was it the elk we had been tracking for the past half hour? I assumed it was but I didn't see it. Then he pointed ahead of us about 30 yards to a black-tailed deer bedded down on a small hummock in the forest. We watched her for quite a while, remaining silent and motionless. Then Adrian signaled for us to retreat and whispered, “We will ...   Wildlife Tracking ArticleContinued

Enhancing Opportunities for
Southeast Alaska Sport Fisheries

By Brian Frenette and Judy Lum

Hatcheries and various stocking programs provide angling opportunity throughout the state. These programs are funded by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s Sport Fish Division. The construction now underway of two state-of-the-art, state-owned hatchery facilities in Anchorage and in Fairbanks will provide fish to satisfy angler demands in both the Interior and Southcentral regions. Hatcheries are also used to produce fish to provide additional opportunities to sport anglers in the ...   Enhancing Fisheries Article Continued