Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
July 2009

Removing Invasive Pike
from Lakes in Southcentral Alaska

By Kristine Dunker

About ten years ago, Cheney Lake in Anchorage was a very popular place for local families to fish for rainbow trout. That was until northern pike were illegally introduced to the lake. Northern pike are an invasive fish species in Southcentral Alaska. They were discovered in Cheney Lake in 2000, and ADF&G stopped stocking the lake to avoid wasting hatchery fish as prey for pike. In a few years time, the only fish that remained in Cheney were small northern pike, threespine stickleback and non-native ...   Removing Pike ArticleContinued

Hands-on science
in Glacier Bay and Baranof Island

By Randi Spray

A new summer camp from the University of Alaska Southeast, with help from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, took 15 high school science students out of the classroom and into the wilds of Glacier Bay and Little Port Walter on Baranof Island.

The students got a "visceral" learning experience, according to UAS Environmental Science teacher, Cathy Connor, who was on the Glacier Bay leg of the trip. The camp, Discover Design Research, took place from June 20 through June 30. ...   Hands-on science ArticleContinued