Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
December 2008

Tiny Transmitters for Big Bears
New Device Helps Biologists ID Animals

By Riley Woodford

The big brown bear didn't even twitch as researcher LaVern Beier pierced its ear.

The sow, and her half-grown cub, actually got both ears pierced. A small, flat, red plastic tag marked 446 went into one ear. The other ear sported an RFID tag, a new device that could simplify and improve the way biologists identify wild animals.

After taking measurements, samples and equipping the mother bear with a GPS collar, Beier signaled it was time to leave. The immobilizing drugs were beginning ...   New Bear IDs ArticleContinued

Youth Shotgunners wrap fall season

By Riley Woodford

After shooting more than 35,000 rounds, about 70 young shotgunners in the Rabbit Creek Youth League wrapped up the fall session in Anchorage.

About 100 kids are coached by trained, volunteer instructors and compete in five-stand or sporting clays in youth shotgun leagues in Anchorage and in the Mat-Su Valley, said Jerry Soukup, director of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game's Hunter Information and Training Program.

The Hunter Information & Training Program, working with ...   Youth Shotgun League ArticleContinued

Medeia cuts fuel consumption 30 percent
Saves Thousands

By Riley Woodford

Skyrocketing fuel costs last winter sent the captain and crew of the R/V Medeia searching for a sweet spot. They found it, and passed about $40,000 in savings on to Alaska biologists.

The Fish and Game research vessel consumes about 30,000 gallons of fuel during the work season. Last winter, with fuel costs above $4.00 /gallon, Captain Russell Sandstrom was eager to fine-tune the operation of the Medeia.

“Last winter we were watching fuel prices going up, and we bought a set of ...   Medeia in Action ArticleContinued