Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
July 2021

Good News about Golden Eagles
Alaska is Home to a Quarter of the US Population

By Riley Woodford

Golden Eagles are notoriously difficult to catch. As powerful and sharp-eyed as Bald Eagles, they live for decades and are wary and resourceful. Alaska biologists were thwarted in their initial efforts to capture Golden Eagles, but a carefully crafted strategy enabled researchers to capture 69 eagles in recent years and tag 53 with GPS tracking devices. What they learned, combined with counts of migrating eagles, revealed that Golden Eagles are far more abundant in Alaska than previously thought. ...   Golden Eagles Article Continued

The Incredible Bat-detecting Dog

By Arin Underwood

Spring evenings in Southeast Alaska bring welcome warmer temperatures, later sunsets, and the return of bird song. But in the early spring of 2018, residents near Juneau were treated to an unusual sight, small groups of citizen scientists driving slowly down various side roads, with microphones strapped to their car roofs.

No, they were not checking for late-night birds or dinner conversations. Those microphones are specialized, designed to pick up the high-pitched chirps and clicks, indiscernible ...   Bat-detecting Dog Article Continued