Alaska Fish & Wildlife News
December 2015

Marten Trapping in Southeast Alaska

By Mark Stopha

I grew up trapping muskrat in western New York state in the small rural community of Bolivar. I learned to trap from school mates, setting #110 conibears in a swamp near town. The first swamp I trapped was owned by a lady and her husband. I'd bought ice cream bars at the little grocery store where the lady worked. Her husband tended the down markers for our football games. Asking was a formality. Of course they'd give me permission to trap there. They'd known me all my life. ...   Marten Trapping Article Continued

Harvesting Seaweed in Alaska

By Michelle Morris

Fall has come full swing, the leaves have changed color and blown off the trees. The talk around the office is football and hunting. Snow has even made an appearance. It’s time to bid autumn goodbye and get ready for winter. For many people this means harvesting the last of your crops and prepping your garden beds for next year. Some people cover their beds with seaweed to add nutrients and protect bulbs from harsh freezing. Have you ever thought, “Do I need a permit for this?”

The ...   Harvesting Seaweed Article Continued

Ice Fishing for Northern Pike

By Ryan Ragan

Several years ago while at a friend’s house, I noticed an open jar sitting on his kitchen counter. It contained what looked to me like pickling spice, red onion slices and white, flaky pieces of fish. The unmistakable aroma of vinegar emitted from the clear vessel. “Before you ask what it is, just try some,” he said, his notable mid-western accent preceding a half-smile. I grabbed a fork and dug out a small piece. I knew it was fish, but I’d never eaten fish pickled before.

The ...   Ice Fishing for Pike Article Continued

Landing a Lamprey
A Fickle Fishery Opens on the Yukon

By KIYU / Tim Bodony

The annual run of lamprey is headed up the Yukon River.

But to catch one, you’ll need good, solid river ice, and perfect timing. For almost 15 years, Emmonak-based Kwik’pak Fisheries has tried to operate a commercial lamprey fishery on lower Yukon sometime around Thanksgiving. But General Manager Jack Schultheis said, more than other fisheries, this one is hit or miss.

“It’s not a run like salmon that goes on for days or weeks,” he said. “The ...   Landing a Lamprey Article Continued