Northeast Kenai Locations:

Hope Main Street

Hope Main Street. ©Helen O'Harra

Notable Species

  • Pink salmon
  • Beluga whale
  • Black bear
  • Moose
  • Bald eagle
  • Sandhill crane

Resurrection Creek merges with the rising tides of Turnagain Arm in a sedge and grass estuary, creating classic near-ocean spawning ground for pink salmon. The fact that their spawning stream gushes within yards of Hope’s main street and a private campground popular with families adds to the site’s charm. Once the run begins in late July or early August, the salmon are easy to watch in the clear water. Scan for gulls along the creek, and bald eagles perched in trees. Shorebirds and waterfowl rest in the salt-tolerant sedges and grasses. Magpies and forest birds move amid the trees along the shore and creek. Black bears emerge from the forest to snack on salmon carcasses and are regularly seen along the creek. Beluga whales can sometimes be spotted passing offshore during high tides.


The tidally-influenced stretch of Resurrection Creek creates excellent pink salmon spawning habitat. Mature forest stands line the slopes, but much of the area has buildings interspersed with trees, drawing human-tolerant species. A grassy meadow with sedges and salt-tolerant plants reaches from the creek and gradually transitions into Turnagain Arm’s notorious mud.

Historic Connection

Hope was founded in 1896 as a mining camp and staging area on Resurrection Creek. Unlike so many other gold-rush sites, it was never abandoned.

Viewing Tip

Come after the salmon start running in early August. If camping sites off Main Street have filled, try the USDA Forest Service’s Porcupine Campground a mile up the road.


Helpful Hints

The tidelands and creek bottom belong to the State of Alaska, but the campsites adjacent to the creek are private. Campground reservations are recommended during August.

This very small community can be overwhelmed with visitors. Respect private property and facilities.

Getting There

The Hope Highway begins at Seward Highway milepost 56. Take a left into the town site at Hope Highway milepost 16.9, just before the bridge over Resurrection Creek


Hope Chamber of Commerce, P.O. Box 89, Hope, AK 99605,