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The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has produced a variety of videos, presentations, audio files, and other multimedia content, highlighting the beauty of Alaska, the incredible nature of our wildlife, and the broad scope of related management and outdoor activities of interest to Alaskans and visitors alike.

Video: Stocking Rainbow Trout from the William Jack Hernandez Sport Fish Hatchery - larger file "full" version

Join the trip as over 14,000 catchable-sized rainbow trout are moved from hatchery tanks to two lakes near Anchorage! The fish are among the first to be delivered from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s new William Jack Hernandez sport fish hatchery. The hatchery helps maintain the vitality of Alaska’s sport fisheries by increasing recreational fishing opportunities while reducing fishing pressure on natural stocks.

Hatchery fish will be stocked in over 200 locations to provide diverse fishing experiences for 400,000 angler days in freshwater and marine during all seasons of the year. The hatchery produces Chinook and coho salmon, rainbow trout, Arctic grayling and Arctic char. In total, more than 3.7 million fingerlings, smolts and catchables will be released through the year.

Operation and maintenance of the hatchery is partly funded by the Sport Fish Restoration Program, which provides grant funds to state fish and wildlife agencies for fishery projects, boating access and aquatic education. The Program is authorized by the Sport Fish Restoration Act (Dingell-Johnson) of 1950, and administered by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. For more information, go to and

This four-minute video was produced by Mary Price, USFWS


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