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Video: Genetics for Sustainability: Management of Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon

How do you manage the world’s largest sockeye salmon fishery?
In his 5:23 long video,"Genetics for Sustainability," Nate Shoutis goes north to explore the use of molecular genetic data by fishery managers and stakeholders in the Bristol Bay Region of Alaska. It features Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) scientists in the Gene Conservation Laboratory who apply genetic principles and tools to support the management of commercially important fish and shellfish species statewide. The film highlights one application of these tools: real-time genetic estimates of stock composition from the Port Moller test fishery. It tracks the flow of information during the fishing season when management biologists make hour by hour decisions on when and where the fleet can fish based on numerous sources of information. Tissue samples flow from the test fishery to the laboratory and yield highly-valuable, time-sensitive genetic data about the relative abundance of distinct sockeye salmon populations for managers, before their arrival on the fishing grounds. This information is also made available to the Bristol Bay commercial fleet, processors, and public both during and after the season on the ADF&G website.
Produced by Nate Shoutis (Water Bear Media) with original music by Dave Francis ( the film is a fascinating overview of management working to perpetuate the Bristol Bay sockeye salmon resource for future generations and showcases how genetic data contribute to effective management that is crucial to the conservation of this highly utilized species.
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