Moose Hunting in Alaska

DM796 Permit Hunt Information
for Regulatory Year 2019

Hunt Details

Hunt Number: DM796
Regulatory Year: 2019
Hunt Type: Draw
Species: Moose
Legal Animal: Bull

Number of Permits

Residency Number of Permits
Nonresidents To be announced
Alaska residents 7 permits
Total Number of Permits Available 7 permits

GMU, Area

20E, Prindle Volcano

Season Dates

Nov. 1 - Dec. 10

Residency Restrictions

Alaska residents only

Reporting Requirements

  • Successful Hunters
    • Online, by mail, or in person to Tok ADF&G within 10 days of kill.
    • Specimens Required: None
  • Unsuccessful Hunters
    Online, by mail, or in person to ADF&G within 15 days of season end.
  • Internet Reporting
    You may report online at

Additional Requirements and Information

  • Hunt Area: that portion of the Ladue River Controlled Use Area in Unit 20E, bounded on south by a line beginning at the east bank of the Dennison River (N63° 32.30', W141° 58.50') and extending east to peak 3440 (N63° 31.50', W141° 31.20'), then northeast to peak 2645 (N63° 42.00', W141° 24.00'), then east to the Alaska-Yukon border (N63° 42.20', W141° 00.00'), then north along the Alaska-Yukon border to the east ridge of Divide Mt. (N63° 49.10', W141° 00.00'), then northwest to Liberty Creek about a mile downstream from the confluence with Gold Bar Creek (N63° 53.40', W 141° 31.40'), then southwest to the Dennison River downstream from the confluence of Cement Creek (N63° 50.50', W 141° 59.40'), and then south along the east bank of the Dennison River to point (N63° 32.30', W 141° 58.50').
    Access to this hunt area is difficult.

Hunt conditions and season dates can be changed by Emergency Order. Visit the Emergency Orders and Announcements page for more information.