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Fire and wildlife in the boreal forest

  • Reference: Taras, M. E., editor. 2020. Fire and wildlife in the boreal forest [brochure]. Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Division of Wildlife Conservation, Fairbanks.
  • Audiences: General Public
  • Authors: Thomas F. Paragi, Mike E. Taras
  • Funding Sources:
  • Grants:
  • GMUs or Areas:
  • Keywords: fire, boreal forest, ecology, forest succession, habitat mosaic, edge effect, prescribed burn
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  • Partners:
  • Primary Authors: Mike E. Taras
  • Programs: Wildlife Education
  • Project Numbers:
  • Publication Types: Brochure
  • Regions: Region II - Southcentral Alaska, Region III - Interior and Northeastern Alaska, Region IV - Central and Southwest Alaska
  • Species: American Marten, Great Horned Owl, Moose, Northern Flying Squirrel, Northern Goshawk, Northern Hawk Owl, Red Crossbill, Red Fox, Ruffed Grouse, Sharp-Shinned Hawk, Spruce Grouse
  • Species Categories: Big Game, Birds, Furbearers, Mammals, Small Game, Ungulates
  • Title: Fire and wildlife in the boreal forest
  • Topics: Fire, Habitat, Habitat Enhancement
  • Year: 2020

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