Juneau Hunter Education Shooting Complex
Firearms & Archery Training

Courses Offered

The JHESC sponsors National Rifle Association (NRA) firearms training classes. These courses represent a progressive program of information, knowledge, experience, and resources that provide the building blocks for improving firearms safety, skills, and ability. We provide the classroom, firearms, and range. The fees cover student materials, ammo, and targets. The ADF&G also sponsors National Archery in the School Program (NASP) instructor and trainer courses. These courses provide PE teachers and community after school programs volunteers with the information, skills, knowledge, resources and certification to conduct an introductory Olympic-style archery programs utilizing a proven and successful NASP core instruction and practice process.

NRA Pistol Courses

Register at http://www.nrainstructors.org/searchcourse.aspx; check course of interest; enter zip; click search button; click details of chosen class; click registration button; fill out form — if course not listed on web email POC.

A minimum of four Basic Pistol candidate or two 1st Steps Pistol registrations are required to validate a course to be conducted.

Our meal break, for a single full day course, will be short — bring lunch and drinks.

Out of town participant’s travel expenses, lodging, & meals will not be reimbursed or paid.

NASP Courses (instructions)

The 9hr Basic Archery Instructor (BAI) course for NASP is being offered by Alaska Department of Fish & Game (ADF&G). Juneau classes will be held in the Juneau Hunter Ed Shooting Complex (JHESC) at 5670 Montana Creek Rd, Juneau, AK (907-586-4101).

A minimum of four BAI candidate registrations are required to validate the course to be conducted. Our meal break will be short - bring lunch and drinks. Out of town travel expenses will not be reimbursed or paid by the ADF&G.

Teachers completing the course (past or present) will also be eligible to acquire 1 transcript CE (500 level education) for about a $25 process fee.

Course pre-registration is accomplished by sending the following information via email no later than two week prior to the start date: Name (First, Middle, Last); Mailing address; DOB; Phone (Home, Work, Cell); Email; School/Organization Name. Contact us via email at dfg.dwc.jnu-range@alaska.gov.

Conceal Carry & Other Courses

Register by contacting the instructor listed with the course information.

2018 Juneau Training Schedule


Class Location Date Time Cost
BAI JHESC TBA TBA Call 586-4101 for info


Class Location Date Time Cost Instructor Contact
Range Safety Officer JHESC TBA TBA TBA Call Jeff 586-4101 for details
Basic Pistol Shooting JHESC TBA TBA TBA Call Bruce 789-2582 for details


Class Location Date Time Instructor Contact
Concealed Carry Weapon JHESC May 12 & 13 9AM–5PM Contact Chad 789-4969