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League Shooting

League shooting is an excellent way to increase your marksmanship skills and improve your shooting ability. Then ten weeks of regularly scheduled league shooting in a structured, fun, social, and competitive environment might interest you, your family, and friends. The JHESC is excitedly anticipating the fall, winter, and spring league matches for rim-fire pistol/rifle (.22 cal.) and/or center-fire pistol (.32 - .45 cal).

You don’t need to be the world’s best shooter or even have competed before. Because we use a handicap system, both novice and experienced shooters have an equal chance of being competitive. League shooting is for anyone, whether in an individual or team (2, 3, or 4 members) setting. All of our current league competitors are adults. We really want to see youth/student leagues in all the divisions (juniors-ages 10 thru 13, central-ages 14 thru 17, post-ages 18 thru 22).

League Matches

The orientation & scheduling meeting held January 5, 2013 in the JHESC at 12:00 was a success with 4 leagues being established – single-hand & two-hand rim-fire, three position rifle & 2-hand center-fire pistol. The first matches starting as follows: Feb 4 at 7pm three position rifle; Feb 5 at 7pm 2-hand rim-fire pistol followed by 1-hand rim-fire pistol; Feb 9 at 5pm 1-hand center-fire pistol.

In order to establish a league for any of the following competition classes there will have to be a minimum of six shooters sign ups:

  1. Single hand rim and/or center-fire pistol
  2. Two hand rim and/or center-fire pistol
  3. Three position rim-fire rifle

Leagues may be co-ed or sex specific. See the links below for more information.