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Skilak Loop Wildlife Management Area

Map of Skilak Loop Wildlife Management Area

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Units: 15A

Area Description: Skilak Loop Wildlife Management Area: the area consists of that portion of Units 15(A) and 15(B) bounded by a line beginning at the easternmost junction of the Sterling Highway and the Skilak Loop Road (milepost 58), then due south to the south bank of the Kenai River, then southerly along the south bank of the Kenai River to its confluence with Skilak Lake, then westerly along the north shore of Skilak Lake to Lower Skilak Lake Campground, then northerly along the Lower Skilak Lake Campground Road and the Skilak Loop Road to its westernmost junction with the Sterling Highway (milepost 75.1), then easterly along the Sterling Highway to the point of origin

Restrictions: Closed to hunting and trapping, except that moose may be taken by permit only and small game may be taken by bow and arrow only from October 1 through March 1 and standard .22 caliber rimfire firearm and shotgun only, in that portion of the area west of a line from the access road from the Sterling Highway to Kelley Lake, the Seven Lakes Trail, and the access road from Engineer Lake to Skilak Lake Road, and north of Skilak Lake Road, during each Saturday and Sunday from November 1 through December 31 and the Friday following Thanksgiving day, by youth hunters 16 years old or younger accompanied by a licensed hunter 18 years old or older who has successfully completed a certified hunter education course if the youth has not successfully completed a certified hunter education course; in addition, a firearm may not be discharged within one-quarter mile of any campground.

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