TX095 Permit Hunt Information
for Regulatory Year 2019

Hunt Details

Hunt Number: TX095
Regulatory Year: 2019
Hunt Type: Tier II
Species: Muskox
Legal Animal: Aug 1-Mar 15 – BULL by weapon certified hunters only
Number of Permits: 5 permits

GMU, Area

Unit 22C Inner Nome Area

Season Dates

Aug 1-Mar 15 by weapon certified hunters only

Residency Restrictions

Alaska residents only

Reporting Requirements

  • Successful Hunters
    • Report within 3 days of kill in person, online at http://www.hunt.alaska.gov , by telephone (907-443-2271 or 1-800-560-2271; leave message at EXt. 8191)
    • Specimens Required: A) TROPHY DESTRUCTION of skulls by hunter at kill site. Submit the distal (end) portion of horns of all skulls to ADF&G within 3 days of harvest. B) LOWER FRONT JAW with front teeth to ADF&G within 3 days of harvest
  • Unsuccessful Hunters
    Report by March 30 in person, by mail, outside drop-box at Nome ADF&G, or online at http://www.hunt.alaska.gov
  • Internet Reporting
    You may report online at http://www.hunt.alaska.gov

Additional Requirements and Information

  • Remember, it is illegal to sell muskox skulls with the horns attached.
    If you have question please call the Department of Fish and Game in Nome at 907-443-2271, or toll free at 1-800-560-2271.

Hunt conditions and season dates can be changed by Emergency Order. Visit the Emergency Orders and Announcements page for more information.