TM059 Permit Hunt Information
for Regulatory Year 2019

Hunt Details

Hunt Number: TM059
Regulatory Year: 2019
Hunt Type: Tier II
Species: Moose
Legal Animal: 1 Bull Moose with spike-fork or 50-inch antlers or antlers with 3 or more brow tines on at least one side
Number of Permits: 250 permits

GMU, Area


Season Dates

September 15 – October 7, unless closed early by emergency order.

Residency Restrictions

Alaska residents only

Reporting Requirements

  • Successful Hunters
    • must report in person with required specimens to ADF&G in Haines within 3 days of kill.
    • Specimens Required: Lower front teeth (on 5-inch section of jaw), and antlers for measuring
  • Unsuccessful Hunters
    Report online ( ), by mail, or in person to ADF&G within 15 days of close of season.
  • Internet Reporting
    If you did not hunt, you may report online at

Additional Requirements and Information

  • Only one Tier II moose permit per household.

    A portion of the sex organ must remain naturally attached to the meat until the moose is transported the place of processing.

    Specimens required: Lower front teeth (on 5-inch section of jaw), and antlers for measuring.

Hunt conditions and season dates can be changed by Emergency Order. Visit the Emergency Orders and Announcements page for more information.