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Controlled Use Areas
Izembek Controlled Use Area

Map of Izembek Controlled Use Area

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Units: 09

Area Description: Izembek Controlled User Area: the area consists of that portion of Izembek National Wildlife Refuge (NWR), commonly known as the Left Hand Valley and Right Hand Valley, bounded on the west by a line beginning at Moffet Point and continuing easterly and southerly around Moffet Lagoon along the mean high tide line to Blaine Point (locally known as Strawberry Point), then southerly along a line to the northern shore of Kinzarof Lagoon, continuing easterly and southerly around Kinzarof Lagoon along the mean high tide line to a point on the eastern entrance of Kinzarof Lagoon; bounded to the south, east, and north by the Izembek NWR boundary

Restrictions: Closed to the use of any motorized vehicle, except outboard motor-powered boats, for hunting, including the transportation of hunters, their hunting gear, or parts of game

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