Platting Actions & Easement Vacations

Easement Vacations

The state, boroughs and private individuals frequently request the vacation of public easements. Vacation of a public easement must be processed through the State Easement Vacation Unit, the local government (borough or city) platting review board, or in many cases both. Although the vacation of some of these easements may not pose a problem for public access, a number of them do.

Platting Reviews

ADF&G participates in agency and public reviews of state and borough platting actions to identify and protect public access to the public lands and waters of the state as well as to our fish and wildlife resources. The content of platting reviews varies greatly, some may simply request to adjust a property line or create a new lot and have no potential impact to access. Some combine numerous requests into one application; requesting a variance to a municipal ordinance, adjusting a lot line, vacating a existing public easement, and dedicating a new easement, could all be part of one platting review. It is for this reason that all platting actions must be reviewed in order to protect public access. Failure to review and properly identify public access on platting reviews can create future problems when a easement is not consistently documented on titles and plat documents and the public attempts to use public easements that the landowners are not aware of due to incomplete plats.