Lake Fishing Information

This site provides anglers useful information about select lakes, such as bathymetric (underwater contour) maps, average depths, maximum depths, stocking histories, surface area and more. Each area's "Stocked Lakes" are part of the annual Stocking Plan, and are regulated differently from "Wild Lakes". Please review the current regulations and Emergency Orders for the latest information.

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Anchorage Delta Fairbanks Glennallen Haines-Skagway Juneau-Glacier Bay
Kenai Peninsula Ketchikan Kodiak Island Mat-Su Petersburg-Wrangell Prince of Wales Island
Prince William Sound Resurrection Bay Sitka

Fairbanks Stocked Waters

Ballaine Lake Bathing Beauty Pond Bear Lake (Eielson AFB) *
Birch Lake Chena Hot Springs Road 25.0 Chena Hot Springs Road 30.0
Chena Hot Springs Road 45.5 Chena Hot Springs Road 47.9 Chena Hot Springs Road 56
Chena Lake Cushman Lake Dune Lake
Geskakmina Lake Grayling Lake (Eielson AFB) * Harding Lake
Hidden Lake (Eielson AFB) * Johnson Pit #2 Lost Lake
Lundgren Pond * Manchu Lake * Monterey Lake *
Moose Lake (Eielson AFB) * Mosquito Creek Lake Mullins Pit *
Nenana City Pond Nordale #2 North Chena Pond
North Pole Pond Olnes Pond Otto Lake
Parks Hwy 261 Richardson 28 Mile Pit * Richardson 31 Mile Pit
Sirlin Drive Pond Steese Hwy 29.5 Steese Hwy 31.6
Steese Hwy 33.5 Steese Hwy 34.6 Steese Hwy 35.8
Steese Hwy 36.6 Stringer Road Pond Triangle Lake (Fairbanks)
Wainwright #6 * West Iksgiza Lake Z Pit

Fairbanks Wild Waters

Chena Hot Springs Road 42.8 Horseshoe Lake * Parks Hwy 285
Pyrite Pond

* Fairbanks DOD: These lakes are on military land. A permit is required to legally access these lakes. For Army land a Recreational Access Permit (RAP) is required. For Air Force Land a Hunt/Trap/Fish (HTF) permit is required. These permits are not interchangeable. For information on how to obtain a permit for Army lands, visit or call 907-361-9686 (Fairbanks). For information on how to obtain a permit for Air Force lands call 907-377-5182.