Troop Lake
Bathymetric Map and Fishing Information

Bathymetric Map of Troop Lake

General Information

  • Mean Depth: 6.7 m (22.0 ft.)
  • Maximum Depth: 16.2 m (53.0 ft.)
  • Shoreline Length: 2.1 km (1.3 mi.)
  • Management Area: Resurrection Bay
  • USGS Map: Seward A-7
  • Surface Area: 10.9 ha (27.0 acres)
  • Volume: 714,186 m3 (25,221,241 ft3)
  • Elevation: 257 m (843 ft.)

Fishing Information

Species Previously Stocked or Sampled: Arctic char, coho salmon, rainbow trout

First stocked in: 1977 with coho salmon

Most recently stocked in: 2021 with Arctic char

Stocking Information

Stocking Access: truck, backpack

Recent stocking records

Access Information

  • Directions: Mile 12.1 Seward Hwy. Turnout on east side of highway. Trail begins on the Iditarod Historical Trail. Approx. 1 mile down trail to new Troop Lake cutoff trail marked with sign. Approx. 1/2 mile farther to lake. Old trail at mile 10.9 is closed. NOTE: Leave No Trace. Keep lake and access sites free of litter.
  • Status: DNR/ILMA
  • Meridian, Township, Range and Section: Seward, 002N, 001E, 19
  • Lat/Long: 60.242782°    -149.346415°