Lake Otis
Bathymetric Map and Fishing Information

Bathymetric Map of Lake Otis

General Information

  • Maximum Depth: 2.7 m (9.0 ft.)
  • Shoreline Length: 0.8 km (0.5 mi.)
  • Management Area: Anchorage
  • USGS Map: Anchorage A-8
  • Surface Area: 3.9 ha (9.6 acres)
  • Volume: 78,695 m3 (2,779,088 ft3)
  • Elevation: 30 m (98 ft.)

Fishing Information

Species Previously Stocked or Sampled: rainbow trout

First stocked in: 1992 with rainbow trout

Most recently stocked in: 2021 with rainbow trout

Stocking Information

Stocking Access: N/A

Recent stocking records

Access Information

  • Directions: From MP 125.3 on the New Seward Highway – Turn left (east) on 36th Ave. and drive for 0.8 miles to Lake Otis Parkway. Take a left onto Lake Otis Parkway and drive 0.2 miles to Cornell Court. Take a left onto Cornell Court and drive 0.1 mile to Carlson Park sign. Access to this lake is through the trail to Carlson Park. Parking is available along Stanford Drive. Follow paved trail roughly 100 yards to lake where you will find picnic tables and handicap access. Canoes and inflatables can be launched but must be carried to the lake.
  • Improvements: The majority of the shoreline is privately owned; please respect private property.
    1. foot trail
    2. parking
  • Meridian, Township, Range and Section: Seward, 013N, 003W, 29
  • Lat/Long: 61.191371°    -149.844607°