Sport Fishing Brochures
Southcentral Alaska

Sport Fish Division, southcentral region, publishes a variety of informational guides describing the many fisheries and angling opportunities in Southcentral Alaska. These guides are excellent introductions to sport fishing in southcentral Alaska. They cover run timing, access sites, suggested tackle, lifecycle, and regulations. Many include basic maps. This page is updated as new information is added to the handouts and as new handouts are developed, so check back to see what's new.

Southcentral Region Overviews

Run Timing - Charts of the timing of fish runs in popular Southcentral streams


Bristol Bay




Matanuska-Susitna Valley

Prince William Sound

Ressurection Bay/Seward

Common Fishing Setups

  • The term "tri-fold" in parenthesis after a publication indicates that it is formatted to be a double sided handout folded in three sections.
  • The number in parentheses after each title indicates the size of the PDF file in kilobytes. Larger files take longer to open but the amount of time varies according your Internet connection and computer configuration.