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Central Region Alaska commercial fisheries are composed of four distinct management areas that include Bristol Bay, Prince William Sound and Copper River, Upper Cook Inlet, and Lower Cook Inlet. Although all 5 species of salmon are harvested in each area, sockeye and pink salmon are the most abundant and most valuable. This area encompasses some of the largest and most valuable salmon fisheries in the world. From Bristol Bay, home of the largest sockeye salmon fishery in the world, to the Copper River where sockeye and Chinook salmon fetch some of the highest prices per pound paid to commercial fishermen. Cook Inlet commercial fisheries occur near the largest population center in Alaska, providing salmon to numerous niche and local markets, as well as fresh salmon to markets in other states. Prince William Sound adds productive healthy pink, chum, and sockeye salmon fisheries to the region. Southcentral groundfish fisheries are small, yet diverse, targeting pollock, Pacific cod, rockfish, sablefish, lingcod, and skate while small shrimp and scallop fisheries in Prince William Sound cater predominately to local markets. Southcentral commercial fisheries are of tremendous importance and an integral part of many communities and local economies in the state.

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