Ranked Statewide Salmon Graph by Report Type and Species
Commercial Salmon Fisheries

*2018 data are preliminary.

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Data Source: OCEANAK Gross Earnings Subject Area. Confidential information is excluded from this report.

The data in the above table is sorted from greatest to least for statewide salmon harvests. Use the filters to explore by salmon species or report type.

The data in the above table is sourced from Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) fish tickets and Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (CFEC) estimates of gross earnings. Discards and personal use are excluded from these totals. Hatchery harvest (Harvest code 21) is included. Numbers in this report may vary from other sources. Databases change over time as corrections are made, and the methods used to select the data can impact the results. ADF&G retains intellectual property rights to data collected by or for ADF&G. Any dissemination of the data must credit ADF&G as the source, with a disclaimer that exonerates the department for errors or deficiencies in reproduction, subsequent analysis, or interpretation.

For questions concerning this data please email DFG.DCF.InfoServices@alaska.gov.