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Winter Troll Fishery Update
Southeast Alaska & Yakutat Commercial Fisheries

2013-2014 Winter Troll Fishery

The Southeast Alaska/Yakutat winter troll fishery will open on October 11, 2013 and will remain open through April 30, 2014 or until a total of 45,000 non-Alaska hatchery-produced king salmon are harvested, plus the estimated number of Alaska hatchery-produced king salmon harvested. The fishery is confined to waters east of the winter boundary line (surfline) and includes waters of Yakutat Bay. Please refer to the 2013–2014 Winter Troll Fishery Management Plan and the 2012–2015 Southeast Alaska and Yakutat Commercial Salmon Fishing Regulations booklet for more details. During the winter fishery, all salmon species except coho may be retained.

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