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Winter Troll Fishery Update
Southeast Alaska & Yakutat Commercial Fisheries

2016-2017 Winter Troll Fishery

The Southeast Alaska/Yakutat winter troll fishery will open on October 11, 2016 and will remain open through April 30, 2017 or until a total of 45,000 non-Alaska hatchery-produced king salmon are harvested, plus the estimated number of Alaska hatchery-produced king salmon harvested. The fishery is confined to waters east of the winter boundary line (surfline) and includes waters of Yakutat Bay. Please refer to the 2016-2017 Winter Troll Management Plan (PDF 2,620 kB) and the 2015–2018 Southeast Alaska/Yakutat Commercial Salmon Fishing Regulations (PDF 1,629 kB) booklet for more details. During the winter fishery, all salmon species except coho may be retained.

  • Numbers of Fish are based on fish ticket data.
  • Average Weight and Average Price are based on fish ticket data.
  • Inseason price information from fish ticket data is incomplete, preliminary, and underestimates the final exvessel value.  This data should not be relied on for tax purposes.

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