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Spring Troll Fishery Update
Southeast Alaska & Yakutat Commercial Fisheries

2019 Spring Troll Fishery

  • 2019 Spring Troll Fishery Management Plan (PDF 4,798 kB)
  • 2019 Spring Troll FAS Exemption Permit (PDF 205 kB)
  • 2019 Spring Troll Fishery Map (PDF 543 kB)
  • Summary of Spring Troll Fisheries in Southeast Alaska, 1999-2010 (PDF 15,803 kB)
  • Summary of Management and Harvest During Spring Salmon Troll
    Chinook Fisheries, 1986-1998
    (PDF 1,474 kB)
  • Spring troll fisheries target Alaska hatchery-produced Chinook salmon.
  • Spring fisheries occur along Chinook migration paths or near hatcheries and release sites. Each spring troll area is managed individually and fishing periods are opened in season, by emergency order. Fishing areas may change from year to year and are announced after the department conducts a series of meetings in several Southeast Alaska towns.
  • Weekly fishing time may be extended or reduced, based on inseason assessment of coded-wire tag (CWT) data and historic catch timing for each individual area.
  • Spring fisheries may begin prior to May 1 if the winter troll season closes early due to the guideline harvest level of 45,000 fish being taken prior to April 30.
  • Although the spring troll fisheries target Alaska hatchery Chinook salmon, Treaty Chinook are also harvested. The Alaska Board of Fisheries has established guideline limits of Treaty fish that may be harvested in each spring fishing area as follows:

Alaska Hatchery Contribution to the Treaty Fish Limit Harvest
Less than 25% 1,000
At least 25% and less than 35% 2,000
At least 35% and less than 50% 3,000
At least 50% and less than 66% 5,000
66% or more no limit


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