Applying to do a Mariculture Site Suitability Study

If you want to conduct a Mariculture site suitability study to determine if a particular site is suitable for shellfish mariculture before you apply for an Aquatic Farm Operation Permit, you can get apply for an ADF&G Fish Resource Permit (FRP). The FRP is required of anyone who wants to transport, possess, export from the state, or release into the waters of the state, any live fish including shellfish. Live oysters can only be in waters of the state for aquaculture purposes.

The FRP is limited to one year. Under these specific types of study, you will be limited to no more than 10,000 organisms. As part of this study, you will not be able to sell the organisms for commercial use nor does the permit, if the Fish Resource Permit is issued, establish any proprietary interest in the site.

For more information, refer to the ADF&G Fish Resource Permit section.