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Frazer Fish Pass
Kodiak Management Area

Frazer Lake Weir

The Frazer fish pass consists of a diversion weir and a series of "fish ladders". The diversion weir directs fish to the entrance of the fish pass. The fish pass is a series of raceways 60 m (197’) long with a gradual slope of 22%. This allows salmon to ascend a barrier falls approximately 9 m (30’) tall, which are located near the outlet of Frazer Lake on the Dog Salmon Creek at the south end of Kodiak Island. Counts are made at the upstream portion of the fish pass. Constructed in 1962 to accommodate sockeye salmon stocks introduced in 1951. In 2010, the fish pass was operated by two Kodiak Regional Aquaculture Association(KRAA) funded employees and supervised by an ADF&G project biologist from mid-May to mid-August. Frazer Lake sockeye salmon are first counted through the Dog Salmon Creek weirs to manage commercial fisheries in the Alitak District. The salmon are then counted again as they exit the fish pass to ensure a sustainable population reaches Frazer Lake.