Chinook Salmon Research Initiative
Yukon River Chinook Salmon

Harvest Patterns & Trends

Project Summary

Project Name:

Yukon River Patterns and Trends in Subsistence Fishing for Chinook Salmon


The goal of the study is to identify variables associated with changing subsistence salmon harvests at the household level in six Yukon River communities and to improve managers’ understanding of how Yukon River subsistence fisheries are structured. In the first phase, a database of post-season household surveys from 1995-2012 will be developed. Pending funding, a formal analysis of the data set will develop household harvest histories and explore patterns and trends in harvest levels. In addition, a random sample of fishing households will be interviewed to identify factors that influence year to year continuity and variation in harvests in the subsistence salmon fishery.


Yukon River near Grayling

Total Project Cost:

$525,000 (all Yukon Subsistence and Traditional Knowledge projects)

Project Dates:

2014, 2015

Project Type(s):

Subsistence harvest patterns and trends

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Yukon River Chinook salmon


Subsistence Section
Alaska Department of Fish and Game
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