Chinook Salmon Research Initiative
Yukon River Chinook Salmon

Harvest Study

Project Summary

Project Name:

Yukon River Inseason Estimates of Subsistence Harvest of Chinook Salmon


In two phases, the project will test methods for in-season collection of subsistence harvest data for Yukon River Chinook and other salmon using door-to-door surveys with specific reference to local research assistant capacity and staff oversight, financial cost, and community response. The first phase will occur in Grayling in 2013. After an interdivisional review, phase two will test a revised method in three communities in summer 2014. The project will conclude with an assessment of the overall feasibility of an in-season data collection program and compare findings with the existing post-season survey program.


Yukon River near Grayling

Total Project Cost:

$525,000 (all Yukon Subsistence and Traditional Knowledge projects)

Project Dates:

2014, 2015

Project Type(s):

Subsistence harvest

Life Stage:



Yukon River Chinook salmon


Subsistence Section
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