Division of Subsistence
Division Staff

Statewide Staff



Deputy Director

Lisa Olson
Phone: (907) 267-2545
Email: lisa.olson@alaska.gov

Statewide Program Manager: Research

James Fall
Phone: (907) 267-2359
Email: jim.fall@alaska.gov

Information Management Research Analyst

David Koster
Phone: (907) 267-2371
Email: david.koster@alaska.gov

Migratory Bird Research Analyst

Liliana Naves
Phone: (907) 267-2302
Email: liliana.naves@alaska.gov

Program Technician

Halia Janssen
Phone: (907) 267-2353
Email: halia.janssen@alaska.gov

Northern Region Headquarters Office: Fairbanks

Admin Assistant II

DeAnne Lincoln
Phone: (907) 328-6110
Email: deanne.lincoln@alaska.gov

Arctic Area Subsistence Resource Specialist

Elizabeth Mikow
Phone: (907) 328-6107
Email: beth.mikow@alaska.gov

Kuskokwim Area Subsistence Resource Specialist

David Runfola
Phone: (907) 328-6121
Email: david.runfola@alaska.gov

Northern Region Administrative Assistant

Pamela Amundson
Phone: (907) 459-7321
Email: pam.amundson@alaska.gov

Northern Region Program Manager

Caroline Brown
Phone: (907) 459-7317
Email: caroline.brown@alaska.gov

Yukon Area Subsistence Resource Specialist

Alida Trainor
Phone: (907) 328-6115
Email: alida.trainor@alaska.gov

Southern Region Headquarters Office: Anchorage

Program Technician

Zayleen Kalalo
Phone: (907) 246-3341
Email: zayleen.kalalo@alaska.gov

Southcentral Alaska Subsistence Resource Specialist

Amy Wiita
Phone: 907-267-2360
Email: amy.wiita@alaska.gov

Southeast Alaska Subsistence Resource Specialist

Lauren Sill
Phone: (907) 465-3617
Email: lauren.sill@alaska.gov

Southern Region Program Manager

Robin Dublin
Phone: 907-267-2807
Email: robin.dublin@alaska.gov

Southwest Alaska Subsistence Resource Specialist

Gabriela Halas
Phone: 907-267-2368
Email: gabriela.halas@alaska.gov

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