Class Schedules

The Hunter Information & Training (HIT) Program offers two types of classes for Hunter Education and Muzzleloader Education.

  1. Instructor-led course
  2. Online course + field day

For Bowhunter Education and Crossbow Education an online course + field day option is offered.

Instructor-led courses

Instructor-led classes are taught in-person by volunteer instructors and consist of two parts (workbook home study and 8 hour field day). These classes require the student to sign up and pay in person at a Fish and Game office. You cannot sign up online for any of these courses.

Online course + field day

The Online course + field day consists of two parts. Part one requires the student to complete the online portion of the course and written exam online. Part two requires the student to attend a field day administered by certified volunteer instructors. The field day (4 hours) includes a review of key safety issues and Alaska specific regulations and a shooting proficiency. Both parts must be completed in order to be certified.

Due to the student information data transfer schedule from our out of state provider, you will need to wait for up to three working days from the time you complete your online test before you can sign up for a field day.

PLEASE NOTE: You may NOT mix and match the Instructor-led courses with the Online courses. They are NOT interchangeable.

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