Teacher/School-Based Resources

Educators! The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has a wide variety of resources available to you. Bring a new dimension to your teaching with real animal furs; check out a complete teaching kit about Alaska mammal skulls or aquatic insects; find individual lesson plans or browse through our five volume curricula series about Alaska's wildlife and ecology (Alaska Wildlife Curriculum). Find resources about hunter education, firearms safety and the popular National Archery in the Schools Program (NASP). Take advantage of the multiple high quality, Alaska relevant resources that we offer. If you can't find something or have questions, use our education contact list to find a wildlife or aquatic educator, or hunter education specialist in your area.

  • Teaching Kits: Check out our hands-on materials, information and activities housed at various locations around the state.
  • Curricula and Classroom Activities: Learn more about the five volume Alaska Wildlife Curriculum and Project Wild Curriculum Guides, ice fishing, teacher guides on furs, skulls and more!
  • Salmon in the Classroom: Students learn about the life cycle of Pacific salmon through a classroom incubation project.
  • NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program): This popular archery program is integrated into a school's physical education program.
  • Alaska Wildlife Notebook Series: The Alaska Wildlife Notebook Series features encyclopedic information on more than 150 animals.
  • Alaska's Wild Wonders: A educational publication geared for mid to upper elementary students about Alaska's wildlife and habitats.
  • Wildlife Safety: These resources will help teach you and your students how to be safe around potentially dangerous wildlife such as bears, moose and wolves.

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