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The department, federal agencies, and nongovernment organizations operate counting projects to count the numbers of migrating fish (primarily salmon), using weirs, sonars and counting towers in a number of streams throughout Alaska. This tool is used by the various fisheries divisions for a variety of management objectives. This website has compiled counts from a number of different sources to provide inseason and historical data.

This site does not include all of the sites in the state, only those for which inseason data is readily accessible. All counts for the current year are considered preliminary data and subject to change.

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This drop down menu provides you with a list of streams for which current or historical fish count data is available through this web site.

Top 10 recent searches

  1. Copper River (Miles L) Sockeye
  2. Deshka Chinook
  3. Anchor River Chinook
  4. Kenai River (Chinook) Chinook - Early Run
  5. Little Susitna Chinook
  6. Russian River Sockeye - Early Run
  7. Kenai River (late-run sockeye) Sockeye
  8. Kasilof River (sockeye) Sockeye
  9. Buskin River Sockeye
  10. Situk River Steelhead

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