Chinook Salmon Research Initiative
Susitna River Chinook Salmon


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Susitna River Local and Traditional Knowledge and Estimates of Subsistence Harvest of Chinook Salmon


A study to identify the harvest and use of salmon in the Tyonek Subdistrict in Upper Cook Inlet and the Yentna River in the Susitna drainage, is being funded by the Alaska Sustainable Salmon Fund and a multi-year grant. Both of these subsistence fisheries are important for residents of Tyonek and Skwentna, as well as subsistence users in Cook Inlet in general. These fisheries were established by court order in 1980 and subsequently permanently adopted by the Alaska Board of Fisheries following a positive customary and traditional use in 1981.


Susitna River near Tyonek and Skwentna

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Project Dates:

2014, 2015, 2016

Project Type(s):

Local and traditional knowledge and subsistence harvest

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Susitna River Chinook salmon

Project Files/Reports:

Overview of Subsistence Salmon Fisheries in the Tyonek Subdistrict and Yetna River, Cook Inlet Alaska


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