Norton Sound - Port Clarence Management Area Area
Subsistence Fishing

ADF&G has conducted numerous subsistence research projects in the Norton Sound-Port Clarence Area, usually in cooperation with Kawerak Inc. and other local organizations. These include annual salmon surveys from 1994 to 2003 (when a permit system was initiated), annual wildlife surveys from 1998 to present, and special projects on a variety of subjects including customary trade and salmon harvesting patterns and trends.

Kawerak, with support from the North Pacific Research Board and ADF&G, conducted comprehensive subsistence survey project for 2006. They estimated a total subsistence harvest of 4.5 million pounds of marine mammals, land animals, fish, and plants for subsistence use by an estimated 5,130 residents of 12 study communities (not including Nome).

Subsistence research results for the Norton Sound – Port Clarence Area include: