Norton Sound - Port Clarence Management Area Area
Subsistence Fishing

Contact Information

Depending upon where one is fishing and with what gear, some area fisheries require individuals to obtain subsistence fishing permits, or to following sport fishing seasons and bag limits when subsistence fishing with a hook and line attached to a rod or pole when fishing in open water. See the contact information table on subsistence fishing permits for more information and where to obtain a permit.

Norton Sound – Port Clarence management area subsistence fishing permits and information:

Division of Commercial Fisheries Nome Office:
(907) 443-5167
103 E Front Street
PO Box 1148
Nome, AK 99627-1148

Subsistence research information:

Subsistence Section Kotzebue Office:
(907) 442-3420
240 5th Ave.
PO Box 689
Kotzebue, AK 99752-0689