Living with Wildlife in Anchorage:
A Cooperative Planning Effort
Table of Contents

Letter from the Commissioner
List of figures, tables and maps

Chapter 1: Introduction

Why does Anchorage need a wildlife plan?
Plan purpose
Geographic area
Plan limitations
Relationship between this plan and other plans
Organization of this document

Chapter 2: The Planning Process

A chronology of the planning effort
Steps in the process
Agency and group participation
Public involvement
Planning principles

Chapter 3: Plan Goals and Objectives

Overall goal
Goals and objectives

Chapter 4: Wildlife in Anchorage, 1999

Wildlife issues and concerns
A summary of Anchorage's wildlife
General values and attitudes toward Anchorage wildlife
Wildlife conflict statistics and standards

Chapter 5: Wildlife Population Management and Conflict Response Actions

Wildlife population management recommendations
Moose population management
Bear population management
Canada goose population management
Non-native and feral animal population management
Wildlife conflict responses
Overall ADF&G conflict response principles
ADF&G moose conflict response policies
ADF&G bear conflict response policies
Additional bear conflict policies and information
ADF&G responses to conflicts with beavers
ADF&G responses to conflicts with other mammal species
Bird conflict response policy
Some final notes on wildlife conflicts

Chapter 6: Priority Actions

List of Priority and Supported Actions

Habitat and species conservation actions
1. Wildlife habitat and corridor assessment project
2. Key species population and capacity assessment program
3. Tax incentives for conserving habitat
4. Habitat conservation ordinance changes
5. Acquisition options for conserving prime habitat
6. Habitat consequences review program
7. Stream restoration projects
8. Critical habitat reserves
Other supported habitat and species conservation actions
Conflict prevention actions
9. Managing recreation use impacts on trails: design guidelines
10. Road improvements to prevent moose-vehicle collisions
11. Urban wildlife specialist position/program
12. Moose and bear encounter safety program
13. Bear attractant ordinance and education program
14. Moose/bear conflict response training
15. Wildlife feeding education and regulations
16. Pet control education and enforcement
Other supported conflict prevention and response actions
Wildlife recreation and education actions
17. Anchorage wildlife festival
18. Anchorage watchable wildlife guide and video
19. Expand wildlife education in schools
20. Expand visitor center interpretation programs
21. Potter Marsh nature center and boardwalk
22. Potter Marsh to Girdwood planning
23. Girdwood nature center
Other supported wildlife recreaton and learning actions
Other actions
24. Habitat planning for military lands (if they are relinquished)
25. Formalize interagency and wildlife interest group cooperation
Actions considered but rejected


Appendix A: Literature cited
Appendix B: Methods Used to Estimate Numbers of Wildlife in the Anchorage Area
Appendix C: Fish and Wildlife (Vertebrates) of Anchorage, Alaska
Appendix D: Memorandum of Agreement among cooperating agencies
Appendix E: Acronyms used in this plan

List of Figures, Tables and Maps

Figures and Tables

  1. Summary of major Anchorage mammal species
  2. Summary of major Anchorage bird species or groups
  3. Anchorage residents' “basic wildlife beliefs”
  4. Anchorage residents' “wildlife pride” and general tolerance for wildlife problems