Chignik Area
Subsistence Fishing


One of the many smokehouses containing subsistence sockeye salmon, Chignik Lagoon. Photo by Lisa Hutchinson-Scarbrough, Subsistence Section

A study to observe and document the harvest, processing, preservation and use of subsistence salmon by residents of Chignik Bay, Chignik Lagoon, Chignik Lake and Perryville, is being conducted in the Chignik Management area. This study will also 1) evaluate the contemporary and historical importance of salmon to the economy and culture of the communities in this region and 2) document local Chignik traditional knowledge of salmon and local environment, climate change and effects on local resources and the ocean. This project is funded by the Alaska Sustainable Salmon Fisheries Fund and will be conducted from 2010-2013. It is intended to update prior research done in 1990 in these communities by the Subsistence Section. Improved documentation of subsistence harvests supports effective salmon management and is essential for the Alaska Board of Fisheries to meet its statutory mandate to provide reasonable opportunities for subsistence uses. Understanding trends in the Chignik Management Area subsistence salmon fishery, including factors influencing participation in the fishery and harvest levels, will be critical toward management of adequate salmon populations and habitat issues in the Chignik and Western Perryville salmon districts. For more information about the Alaska Sustainable Salmon Fund and other projects see: